Our chocolate is handcrafted to order. Please allow 10 days plus shipping.

Chocolate Story

The inspiration for Decidedly Different came after our own children developed food intolerances and we discovered how hard finding an appropriate gift can be.
We began by selling other people's dairy free products and were amazed at how many people were like us looking to give dairy free family and friends something special.  

Rachel from Choccolottie is not just my inspiration, she is also my niece. So you could say chocolate is in the family! We share the same passion for great chocolate and she has trained me and encouraged me on my quest to put big smiles on the faces of children and adults who are normally told "no you can't have that". You may notice the similarity in our designs, that is intentional - we believe everyone deserves a delicious chocolate treat. 

So I have created a whole range of treats that have all the fun of Choccolottie, but made with dairy free ingredients.  For Dairy-full varieties of our chocolate, check out the Choccolottie website. www.choccolottie.co.uk



The base chocolate we use for all our bars is dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan friendly. Now allergies are a serious concern and everyone can be slightly different.  We are transparent about all our ingredients so you know exactly what you're buying. As well as our chocolate base ingredients, we have also listed the ingredients for the toppings we use as an added precaution so you can double check for yourself.

We have a five star hygiene rating and dedicated storage and equipment to prevent the cross contamination of ingredients.  Our homemade bars are Dairy free and some soya free and Vegan friendly.  At the moment we cannot guarantee gluten or nut free chocolate.  

Some of the toppings we use come from large manufacturers who use 'May Contain traces' labels for wheat, nuts and dairy.  Many people on a dairy free diet happily use these products but if  you would not normally eat them then please choose something else. 

If in doubt please check the ingredients listings!

Thanks for looking

Jill x