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Bespoke Father’s Day Tray

Bespoke Father’s Day Tray

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Dads! We love them but they can be so hard but for. So this father’s day why not treat your dad to one of our bespoke trays. With over 400g of dairy free chocolate and then toppings, these are the heavy weights of our chocolate collection and you may need a hammer to break them! 

You can choose to add a message and like our name bars, have the freedom to create the gift you want. We love to hear your ideas. We can theme if for football, Star Wars, cars etc. Share your ideas with us. 

Our chocolate base:  Base: Cocoa (45%)  (cocoa  butter,  cocoa  mass)  sugar,  rice  powder,  emulsifier  (sunflower lecithin)  &  natural  flavouring.

IMPORTANT: Please use the message box at the checkout to let us know the message you’d like, any toppings or colours you’d prefer, any specific dietary requirements (dairy free, soyafree, vegan etc) and the date you need the tray for.  (If using Facebook or Instagram you can send me a dm with your topping choices or log into the website www.decidedlydifferentgifts.com)

Due to manufacturing may contain traces of nuts.