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Raspberry pavlova mini bars

Raspberry pavlova mini bars

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Raspberry Pavlova is a classic dessert setting the sweetness of the sugary meringue against the tartness of the fruit. Add some chocolate into the mix and you have a dairy free treat.  A base of dairy free raspberry flavoured chocolate, topped with dried raspberries and meringue pieces.  5 x 25 g Bars per pack. Approx total 130g.

Ingredients: Base: Cocoa (45%)  (cocoa  butter,  cocoa  mass),  meringue pieces, dried raspberries  sugar,  rice  powder,  emulsifier  (sunflower lecithin)  &  natural  raspberry flavouring.

Freeze dried raspberries: raspberries 

Meringue pieces: Sugar, Wheat starch, egg albumen powder - free range, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat: shea kernel oil, palm oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

Contains: Wheat and Egg.  Due to manufacturing process this may also contain nuts. 

Store in a cool dry place.